Wednesday, October 7, 2009

which villan and superhero am i

I am wonder woman a strong head girl. Poison ivy i love to garden and will take chances when needed. i love poison ivy she is my fav villan i dont have a fav super hero.


School started and it's fun so far. My teacher Mrs. Sp8 is she best teacher ( if you are a teacher she my fav but thats my opinion) If your bad (which im not) you'll face the wrath of Sp8 but only 4 of the 14 of the kids in my class have had that. We do all sorts of art and today we (finally) did some matrix math thats my fav because it streaches your brian in all sorts of directions. Wow! I can just remember when i was in in kinder i wondered what it would be like to be the biggest kids in school(5th graders) but i still have 3 more years where as now im still one of the smallest. It's those 8th graders they call us little kids and we are not much shorter then them. I have a new friend her name is Julia shes italian its so cool!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aims such boring Aims

This week is aims aka Arizona's insterment measurment to standerized testing. BORING! i felt like i was going to fall asleep I was board out of my mind but i have to do it. I swear i wil literally rip out my hair tomarrow because I have to do part 3 of both Math and Reading. Then friday I for the 4 and 8th graders they ( with includes me) have to take a science test SOS! HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME FROM PULLING MY HAIR OUT! But fiday night my dad is coming YAY!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

happy birthday me ( super duper late)

I had a good bithday at my dads. It was really fun we went bowling skylee won with 124 points.


This week is the science fair and last week I had to do a powerpoint regarding my topic. I did it all in one day then it got erased. I was soooooooo mad. I cried because i only had eleven minutes to fix it and I did.(luckily) But i didn't get to time it.:-((oh well) But i still have a little time because I get time to work on it Tomorrow

Merry Christmas (Really Late)

For Christmas this year I got to go to my dad's house. We had a lot of fun. We went to JoJo's sister's house for a party. We also got to go to her mom's to open presents and her uncle's for another party!! Lots of parties. There was lots of snow and I loved seeing my dad and my grandparents and cousins. Especially Mady. We got to do a couple of sleep overs. Santa brought me a phone, games, books, a sewing machine, magnetix and some shape able soap which is really cool. Mostly I got to be with my dad which I always love. Sadly though I lost one of my best friends, puppy at chic-fil-a my favorite fast food restaurant. I really miss him. Mostly though it was a great trip that went by too fast.

When we got home santa had brought us lots of stuff to my mom's too. Mom made us wait until James got home from work to open gifts. SOOOOOO long!!! I got a rip stick, marble race, more magnetix, an rc tarantula, webkins, wii games, ds games, polly pockets and my cyclops bionic eye. I love Christmas and can't wait for next Christmas.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Halloween...A Little Late

Here are a few pictures from my Halloween at my dad's. We took pictures of our pumpkins!

This is me and my friend Jensen from Utah.

These were all of the pumpkins we carved. Mine is the white one.